"I’m tired singing these songs over and over and over againeveryone know RESPECT which you don’t have!”

"It’s been 40 long years and I’m still singing backup for you old Hussy"

Bish…...There I said it”

"Too much Hennessy….well I'm feeling good”

Where my check for this….I’m not singing another damn note until it get it”

Aint feeling this ish

"Someone don’t know the lyrics….let me just smile and say watermelon 10 timessong should be over then

"Okyou want to act all lady like on stage  now, I got your lady meet me backstage”

"She think she doing somethinghell I help her get to this point”

"Now she know better not to wear that on stage…..lawd help me from this image”

"Don’t she notice me not singing….I carry her”

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In 1942 a young African American Ph.D. in mathematics, David Blackwell, interviewed for a teaching job at Berkeley. He was hired, but not for many years.

When finally invited to join the statistics faculty in 1952, several of Blackwell’s new colleagues told him there was a backstory to his failed application a decade earlier. It had been decided to offer him a position in mathematics, they said, but the wife of the departmental chair, who sometimes invited the faculty to dinner, insisted she would not have a black person in her house — and the offer was squelched.

Blackwell, who eventually became the first tenured black professor in the University of California system, shares this vivid memory in a 10-hour interview with the Bancroft Library’s Regional Oral History Office (ROHO). His life history is part of a recently completed oral-history series on 18 pioneering African American faculty and senior administrators, hired before the advent of affirmative-action policies in the 1970s, who broke barriers and laid the groundwork for those who followed.

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True Statement



Livestock Barn, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Nikon. 2014.
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Melanin Monday



Featured Curator: Justin Ruckman

Vilde J. Rolfsen uses light and colored backgrounds to make these otherworldly plastic bag landscapes. She finds the bags on the street, an easy task considering Americans blow through over 100 billion a year.

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Children of Chicago (1941)



 Chaka Khan



Gerald Johanessen 

Artist - Nuri Durr


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Natural hair series by @lovejonescreative



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As Promised: the Jimi Hendrix art of Jean Giraud, aka Moebius.